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A very extensive range of ophthalmological diagnostics and therapy is available at our medical care center.


Innovative macular and retinal diagnostics (e.g. for AMD, diabetes):
• Spectralis OCT Macula
• Fundus Autofluorescence
• Microperimetry MAIA
• Optomap
• Fluorescein angiography
• Fundus photography
• AV Vessel Analyzer
• Electrophysiology

Innovative glaucoma diagnostics:
• Spectralis OCT Glaucoma
• Matrix FDT Visual Field
• GDx Pro
• Pachymetry

Innovative diagnostics for cataract surgery, premium lenses and refractive surgery:
• Wavefront analysis
• Zeiss IOL Master
• Corneal Topography Pentacam HR
• Endothelial cell microscopy

Therapy procedure

Conservative treatment
• All diseases of the anterior / posterior eye segments
• Dry eye (Sicca syndrome)
• Glaucoma
• Inflammation of the interior of the eye (uveitis)
• Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
• Strabismus (crossed eyes)

Surgical treatment (more information about our surgery center)

Surgery of the anterior eye segments
• Cataract
• Glaucoma
• Eyelid surgery
• Refractive surgery (surgical correction of myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism)
• Aesthetic surgery

Vitreous and retinal surgery
• Macular degeneration (AMD)
• Macular holes
• Macular edema
• Epiretinal gliosis
• Retinal detachment
• Vascular diseases
• Vitreous opacities
• Intravitreal injections (IVOM)
• Removal of the vitreous body (vitrectomy)

Laser surgery
• Refractive surgery (LASIK, LASEK, PRK)
• Posterior cataract
• Glaucoma
• Diabetic retinopathy
• Retinal holes
• Vascular occlusions of the retina
• Alternative Therapies
• Micropulslaser

School of vision

• Strabismus, visual defects, ocular tremor

Expert opinion

• Driver's license expertises (motor vehicle driver's license, all classes)
• Screen fitness examinations
• Sport boat driving license
• Examinations by the employers' liability insurance association
• Accident insurance examinations
• Severe disability examination
• Examination for the blind
• Night driving fitness examination
• Color fitness examinations
• Aeromedical eye examination

Medical check-ups

Eye check for drivers
• Glaucoma
• Retinal screening (AMD)
• Amblyopia screening (low vision)
• Retinal screening (myopia)

Information on the most common eye diseases

• Macular degeneration (AMD)
• Cataract
• Glaucoma
• Diabetes and the eye
• Vision defects
• Dry eye
• Vitreous opacities
• Retinal detachment