Emergency call

outside opening hours

Region Kaiserslautern / Kusel / Glan-Münchweiler
Westpfalz-Klinikum Kaiserslautern:
Phone: 06 31 / 20 3-0

Region Saar-Pfalz-Kreis / Homburg / Neunkirchen / Zweibrücken
UKS Augenklinik Homburg (Notfallambulanz):
Phone: 0 68 41 16-21261

Region Grünstadt / Mannheim / Bad Dürkheim / Worms
UKM Augenklinik Mannheim:
Tel.: 06 21 / 3 83-0

Tel.: 116 117

How to recognize an emergency?

Caution these signs may be an emergency:

  • You see flashes of light
  • You no longer see anything
  • You see everything double
  • Black flakes trickle from top to bottom through your field of vision
  • You have severe eye pain
  • You see coloured rings around light sources
  • Your eye is fiery red
  • If you have suffered an accident: chemical burns from e.g., acid or lye in the eye, ocular foreign bodies, eye burn, cut, bump or punch.

You are not sure?
Do not hesitate to call the emergency number if you have any doubt.